Volunteer Service

Volunteer Service

How Do I Join the Palliative Care Volunteer Service?

Who can apply to join the Palliative Care Volunteer Service?

Men and women who:

  • Are mature and reliable;
  • Can give a few hours each week to the service;
  • Have access to reliable transport;
  • Have the ability to listen non-judgementally;
  • Have a sense of humour;
  • Would enjoy working in a supportive environment.

Do I have to have experienced a life-threatening illness or a bereavement to apply?

No. All that is required is a sensitive understanding of issues that clients and carers may be going through at this challenging time.

What would be my role as a volunteer?

  • With the guidance of the coordinator, to support clients and their carers at home, in hospital, or in nursing homes;
  • To act as hosts and hostesses at one of our three support centres;
  • To provide transport for clients when appropriate;
  • To participate in various fundraising activities.

What training would I be given?

There is an initial training course run over eight consecutive Mondays which will prepare you for general volunteer work.

Specialised additional training is available for volunteers who would like to work in the areas of relaxation/meditation, massage, hospital visiting, assisting with oral history taking, and bereavement support.

Ongoing training in areas of interest is offered on the third Monday of every month. In addition there are occasional opportunities to attend conferences and seminars, both locally and interstate.

How much time am I required to give?

Generally, a few hours each week or fortnight, depending on what you can spare, with a commitment to attend at least seven monthly training sessions per year.

We have found that volunteers who commit themselves to regular involvement gain more satisfaction from their time with us than those who only participate now and then.

Are my out-of-pocket expenses covered?

Travelling expenses are reimbursed by the Palliative Care Volunteer Foundation, which funds the majority of volunteer activities as well as maintaining our three support centres. In addition, the Palliative Care Volunteer Foundation provides funding for an annual dinner for volunteers and staff and also for selected outings throughout the year.

What ongoing personal support will I be offered?

You will have the ongoing support of the Coordinator of Volunteers who will be available if any problems should arise. Clinical supervision by professional counsellors is provided for volunteers who work with bereaved clients.

Volunteers support each other in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

How can I find out more?

Contact the Coordinator of Volunteers
PO Box 6088
Ph: 02 4336 7777