Recommended Reading

caring-for-the-dying-bookcoverCaring for the Dying
Michael Barbato

Caring for the Dying explores the extraordinary experience of caring for a loved one who is dying, looking at the practicalities of everyday and long term care.

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Useful Links

CareSearch is an online resource of palliative care information and evidence… Visit CareSearch Website

Respecting Patient Choices
You have the right to have a say in your health care, now and for the future. Advance Care Planning involves talking to others and making decisions about your future health care and medical treatment… Visit Respecting Patient Choices Website

Planning What I Want
The tough question is just how much invasive medical attention is a good thing. The best answer is that it is up to everyone as an individual to decide this question. When people are critically ill, they are usually unable to participate in these important decisions… Visit Planning What I Want Website