Connecting On Bereavement Support

Connecting On is an informal bereavement support morning tea that is held once a mont during the first week of each month.

Connecting On is run by bereavement volunteers.The bereavement volunteers are there to support you, and provide an opportunity to talk one on one with them if you wish. However the atmosphere is informal and less structured than Creating Connections. Connecting On is designed to meet the changing needs of people who have already attended the Creating Connections group. It is for people whose grief has shifted to the point where they no longer require the structure and input of the Creating Connections program. This does not mean that people need to have reached a place where they “no longer feel pain”. Connecting On is for people whose grief is no longer quite so raw.

For many people, there comes a time when talking about their grief in a therapeutic group setting is no longer as helpful, or needed. In the beginning, you may find that you really need the support of the fortnightly Creating Connections group. However, over time your desire to attend may be linked more to the opportunity for connecting with others who share the journey of bereavement, rather than a strong need to share your pain. Recognise that your needs have changed. You may even find that the facilitated program becomes a bit repetitive and sharing about your experience and listening to others seems counterproductive. These are good signs that your needs have changed, and that you are stronger.

When people feel stronger, they often find they wish to talk about topics other than their pain and their situation of being bereaved. Connecting On allows people who have formed friendships with others in their Creating Connections group to retain them in a more relaxed and informal setting.

If I start attending “Connecting On”, must I Stop Attending the “Creating Connections” Support Group?

Eventually you will reach a point where making a transition to the “Connecting On” group is part of moving forward. Please make this decision in consultation with your Creating Connections group leader. You may need extra support when taking this step. Many people find that they wish to continue to attend the creating connections group for a while as they transfer to the Connecting On morning tea. It can be beneficial to give the new group a go, and see how you respond. Remember that if your situation changes, talk to your group leader who will assist you in finding what level of support will be most helpful.

What if I change groups and find my situation changes, or that I need more help?

If you find that you still need to receive the direct support of the “creating connections” facilitated support group – then you may return … there is no time limit or pressure to move between groups for people who are benefiting from attending sessions.

Does the Group Cost Anything to Attend?

There is no requirement to make a payment, however, if possible, could those attending make a contribution in the form of a small plate of food to share for morning tea

For further information please contact the Central Coast Palliative Care Bereavement Service on: 4336 7777