Carer Support Groups

Over the years we have come to realise that carers need support too, and that their needs are not always recognised or validated.

Like the Patient Support Groups, our Carer Support Groups are held in an atmosphere of care and confidentiality. They offer a safe place where carers can share their experiences openly, (as much or as little as they wish), without fear of being judged.

Meeting with other carers can be highly beneficial by countering feelings of isolation whilst offering carers a short respite from their caring role.

Like our Patient Support Groups, members are offered an opportunity to experience/learn relaxation and meditation techniques. This part of the program is also completely optional.

Light refreshments are served during the course of the morning/session.
Please note:

If you wish to attend a carer support group, but need a volunteer to sit with the person you are caring for, contact the coordinator of volunteers who will arrange a volunteer to assist with a respite visit.