Bereavement Care

What is the Bereavement Service?

The Bereavement Service was established to provide support for those who are experiencing the loss of someone significant to them through death. The Bereavement Service is made up of specially trained bereavement volunteers and specialist bereavement counsellors. Support provided focuses on the unique needs of each grieving person.
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Creating Connections Bereavement Groups

Connecting On Bereavement Support Brochure

Our bereavement support groups began in mid 2009 as a response to needs that were identified by members of the bereavement team, and through findings from a local bereavement research project. Since then we have operated two groups on the Central Coast. Our Southern Group is held in the Woy Woy area whilst our Northern group is held in Wyongah. Both groups are facilitated by our experienced Bereavement Counsellors, and trained Bereavement Volunteers.

There are three pathways into our Bereavement Groups:

  • G.P. Referral to the Bereavement Service.
  • Palliative Care follow-up through being contacted and supported by our Bereavement Volunteers and/or Bereavement Counselling staff.
  • Bereavement Self-referral.

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Connecting On Bereavement Support

Connecting On is an informal bereavement support morning tea

that is held once a mont during the first week of each month.

Connecting On is run by bereavement volunteers.The bereavement volunteers are there to support you, and provide an opportunity to talk one on one with them if you wish. However the atmosphere is informal and less structured than Creating Connections. Connecting On is designed to meet the changing needs of people who have already attended the Creating Connections group. It is for people whose grief has shifted to the point where they no longer require the structure and input of the Creating Connections program. This does not mean that people need to have reached a place where they “no longer feel pain”. Connecting On is for people whose grief is no longer quite so raw.

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St Lukes Day Memorial Service

Our St Lukes Day Service is held annually around the 18th October (St. Lukes Day) to remember loved ones who have died. Whilst the service has traditionally been held in a Church, it is important to note that this service is relaxed, non-denominational and inclusive with the central focus being the “candle lighting ceremony” where those attending are invited to choose and light a candle to remember their special person.

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